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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Eleanor and Park


It hasn't been to long, I'm trying to start writing frequently again. :)

Anyways, recently, I finished reading a book called Eleanor and Park. To be honest? It was amazing. CAPITAL AMAZING. I had a blast reading it! Usually, books are either good plot wise or language wise. But this book? Both were fantastic.

Generally, I'm the person who flies through books if they're just about the plot. If I really like the writing, I'll go through it slower. Eleanor and Park was a tug of war for me because I didn't want to read to fast, but not extremely slow either. I think the balance proved to be just right.

The book is about 2 high school kids who are the types of people you would never imagine ending up together. There's Eleanor. The girl to tries to fit in but just can't. Her life is a scribble, full of dead ends and problems. Park, on the other hand, is the half-asian, half-american kid who sits at the back of the bus, the kid that doesn't stick out but doesn't exactly fit in either.

Through the twists and turns, both of them will have extraordinary stories to tell.

I recommend this for all to-be-teenagers or teenagers because it's really about what it's like to be fitting in and what a relationship is like.

It's a little boring at first, but keep reading. I promise, it'll be great.

One more thing, I liked it better than "The Fault In Our Stars". You can be the judge now! :D

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  1. I am still here. You're still here. Start writing again.