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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Plot vs. Writing

We've all read those really good books that we seem to love with all our hearts. Some of the popular ones that I love too are: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Divergent & Pretty Little Liars.
A little thing on each of them:

Harry Potter.
A classic, probably the one of the oldest series that kids our age still seem to like. J.K. Rowling has beautifully written it, taking time with each scene, each word to it's perfection. It's plot? Is pretty good but the style of the author makes it outstanding. I admit, the movies are just as good as the book unlike a lot of the other series.

Hunger Games.
Ah, wonderful. The plot is so strong that the written slides in just right. In other words, the plot is excellent while the writing is pretty good. The movies? Ok. I guess being a fan kind of makes me just love the movies.

Percy Jackson.
I love this one. Everything is fantastic except the movie. The plot connects too worlds, fake yet real and the writing is in through detail. The movies are terrible. Yes. There was the petition that you could sign so that they could be made again but I didn't because it would be better if they were made even better in the upcoming movies. After all, my favourite character Nico appears. :)

One of my latest reads. Amazing plot, so strong that it compensates for the poor writing. Ok fine. It's not that bad, it's actually pretty good but I'm trying to make a point here. The movie comes out in 14 days! :D

Pretty Little Liars.
I'm currently reading this one. It's got a very nice mysterious plot but the details are not always very clear. My friends always fill me in though. I don't watch the TV series for this.

Let my know what you think about any of these! :)


  1. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars!!! The books are amazing and the TV series is an UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING thing!!! You get sucked into it!! I love the books too!! Maybe you should try out the TV Series?

  2. Yes! I will be sure to start the TV show soon. I guess I just want to finish the books first so that I will have a clear understand of what's happening! Till now, I'm on book 10 and it's been fantastic. If you like that series, you might like Divergent too, just like I did!

  3. Haha nice review!! ;) I'm glad you did this one.
    I totally agree with the percy jackson thing, the movies really should be better. The books are fantastic, though!! :)

  4. Ditto. I'm glad people agree with me. Have you read House of Hades yet? It's fantastic, I read it two times, cover to cover!

  5. I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars, and I'm up to date on the tv show. You should really watch it and see how it's different and similar to the book. P.S. Hanna is blonde in the show.

  6. I'll be sure to start it soon. :)