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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Meher's Magazine: The world is confusing

Here we are, on the very first post of my magazine. May I say, it's a small world and these posts, some, not all, might be a little hard to understand for people who are not going to school with me. After all, I do think they are my only audience.

Maths is facts. That's why people can grasp it with enough practice. Humanities is facts. Sounds familiar? Events in history, important figureheads etc etc. But no. It's not. It's more than that.

I have a little article that I have written about the Trung Sisters and how there are different perspectives to what happened to them. (When I say example, I mean the Trung Sisters story.)

This example helps me to understand that all the facts of history that we know, is from one perspective. It is possible that the perspective is telling the truth but it’s almost impossible to know. Therefore, we have to learn about the different sides. Learn about both the approaches. Then only, we will be able to understand what is true. If both sides say the same thing, then there is a clear consensus. The problem is when the different sides have different opinions. For example, Vietnam claims that the Trung Sisters committed suicide and died a noble, hero’s death. On the other hand, China says that the Sisters were captured by them and executed. Both countries say things that makes them feel superior, though they might not necessarily be true. This is the part where “you” have to make the decision by having a look at different sources and examining them to come to a conclusion. History is not just a plain fact, it’s much more. 

This makes me wonder, what exactly are the facts we know? Is it possible that there is a whole new side of information that we have not seen? Forget what I said about the small world thing. Let me tell you. It's a big, big world. There are so many things to learn, experience, enjoy that we can't do it all. We have to have priorities. 

I guess that we should never be biased though. Learn that there are other perspectives

But that means a whole lot more work. That means that I don't know a lot of things. That just makes me very confused, angry and sad.   

I think I'll go now. Wait, that can't be in a magazine. Cut it out. Anyways, Bye!

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