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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Hey guys,

Before I say anything, let me apologize for not writing in my blog for 3 whole weeks. I don't know what is happening. I was off on full speed, soaring through the air writing these "articles" and then suddenly, I disappear of the face of the Earth. I'm still here, don't worry, more posts will be coming up since my projects and tests happened last week.

Yep. That's right. Homework caught up to me. Usually, I'm able to finish my homework easily, within 2-3 hours, maybe a little here and there, but there are always a few projects and tests happening. But. But it's close to the end of term and guess what? That means assessments, projects and end of units.

Ok. I doubt you want to hear my whining and moaning about the work I had all of a sudden. I just like to justify my point.

You know, I was thinking how I had all these great ideas but now, they've died down. I've settled into the pace and I need a sustainable way to write. I don't exactly want to do a blogging challenge or diary because personally, they get a bit boring. So, I thought. And this just happened right now, seriously, how about I have my own little magazine-newspaper on this blog that I write. I could write about events, movies, books, songs, other articles, anything! This sounds a bit like what I'm already doing right? But it's not. This magazine is more about things that are taking place in the world. Don't worry, it's not going to be like a news report but more like opinions about things. Of course, I will still continue to write about things in general but this is just an interesting approach.

The best part is, if it doesn't work, I can always try out a new way. Lets experiment!

Wait wait, before you go, at the end of every post, including this one, please give me your ideas about what you want an article about. It can be anything.

Hope this works! :)

PS. From next time these posts will start. Please give me ideas so that I can get started right away! 


  1. Love the idea of a magazine style blog.

    Words of advice- We are never given time, we make it!

  2. Thank you. I'll be sure to be "making" more time over the holidays.