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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

WOW Kampung

Recently, my BTC class went to this place called WOW Kampung. I wrote a short article about it and you can have a look at the website here.

My article:

One of our many amazing experiences in Grade 7 was the BTC WOW Kampung trip. The organization strives to give individuals a holistic picture of the world by them work with their hands using local resources and thus giving them a sense of fulfillment after the job is completed.   

To convey this message, a simulated disaster situation was given. Even though it was all a set-up, we were encouraged to treat it as if it were real. 

We divided ourselves into five groups. Our first action was to get to get to high ground for safety. Thereafter, we had to make a temporary home till help could come. For this purpose we needed water, food, fire, overhead protection and sanitation - everything that one has in a house. 

Though we had water bottles, we needed to find a sustainable source like a river. Using our creativity skills we made a filter that involved: a plastic bag, gravel, charcoal and sand. 

Vegetables were collected from the nearby farms. For cooking, we collected dry firewood and lit up a fire to cook a stew. 

There were a few pieces of wooden sticks and leftover tarp that created our overhead protection. 

Sanitation was taken care of by a few committed individuals who created a ditch in the ground where all waste would be disposed. 

All this gave a first hand experience of what WOW Kampung envisions. We were able to use our very own skills to create something that become our salvation. It was indeed something that was satisfying. 

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