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Monday, 17 February 2014

Emotional over movies yet strong in real life

Have you ever watched a movie that has left you thinking for days? Perhaps because of it's ending? Yes. We all have. Recently I went with my English Class to watch the Book Thief. After reading half the novel, it seemed like any book would. Sweet, sad, satisfying. The gruesome part was yet to come.

Before I explain anything else, let me explain what the book is about. Based in the 1900's near the time Hitler was a powerful figure, Liesel Meminger, a young girl learns the meaning of hope. After her mother gives her up and Liesel starts to stay with a foster family, things start to happen. The war starts, with events happening and bombs falling, little things start to happen with Rudy, her new friend and there is an unexpected visitor.

Anyways, we had got to the part where the unexpected visitor is staying at their house and Liesel gets a present for him. This didn't effect us. We still went along to the movie. It was exceptionally well made, the book and the movie were very similar unlike some other books. *cough* Percy *cough* Jackson. Then came a part where Max, you may as well have figured out he was the unexpected visitor, leaves. It's so despairing to see the main characters weeping that I shed a few tears myself. Yep, I admit it. I cry over stupid things. It was so stupid because Max wasn't dead. I considered him to be as good as dead. He was a jew after all, in the time of Hitler.

This breakdown surprised me. It was so unlike me! I am usually a person who can control my feelings in front of my friends and even distant family members. My parents? Not so much. Lets just say, I like to show them how I feel.

Max was someone I had grown to like, as a character of course, lets not go into romance. He was someone who I looked up to. Leaving his family, being cheerful within the circumstances. Wow. He was the exact opposite of me.

When most of the main characters died, Hans, Rosa & even Rudy, I was heartbroken. Poor Liesel, having no one in her life anymore. I didn't get very emotional. I mean, it was miserable but still. It surprised me. I actually didn't know why until 30 seconds ago.

My "claim": You will grow with the characters of a book.

If you really indulge in the book, you will feel every tear, rip and smile. Which brings me to a follow up post. Have you ever had that feeling where you are sucked into a book?

Please comment below if you have ever felt this way! :) 


  1. I love this Post Meher. It reminds me of many children in our world. They get attached to something or someone but as soon as they are attached they go away very soon. I haven't watched the movie but I can tell by your post that this is the one claim that you can make.

  2. It's true, a lot of us tend to get attached to things but recently, someone told me that if we approach things with guilt we tend to pull away. That is one of the reasons why I am a bit reluctant to continue reading the Book Thief. I'm not very sure I want to go through the ending again. As much as I love it, it also breaks me up a little inside. Could you please explain what you mean by "they go away very soon"?

    1. I cried more in the book than the film. I do every time I read the end. Mark Z is the master of emotional manipulation,.

    2. I'm bracing myself already.

      I would love to try out more of Mark's books.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to say thank you! :)

  4. You have made an excellent claim! This is why we love books, because it helps us love people and love ourselves. Ultimately we read and write poetry to understand what it means to be human. We tell stories (yes films are stories too) so that we can look at ourselves from inside and out and learn to deal with our emotions. You are so lucky to understand this from such a young age. You have your life and nearly infinite books an characters to fall in love with.

    1. Media, all types, music, books, movies etc. are things that we all get attached to, we tend to indulge ourselves. As you said, it helps us to understand who we are and how we deal with things. We also learn from what characters do, their decisions and start to shape our lives according to that. I think that sometimes we are lost in such a world that it's hard to get back to reality. I am planning to write more about that in my next post.