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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Firecracker Fusion

My fingers and palm outstretched to grasp all of the firecrackers that my friends and I had collected. Every year, we always amazed people with the explosions that we created. Collecting 10, 20, 30 crackers and wrapping them up by another one, digging them into the ground and setting them on fire. Colours, sounds and light surrounded us. Green, red, blue, golden. Noisy, fizzy, sparkly and smoky. The crackers created a huge explosion and fire surrounded the 2 meter radiance of where they were. As I walked away, my head turned, everybody else's did too, to have a look at what was happening. All eyes were fixed as the fire soon died out and the embers glowed bright orange. We all screamed in excitement "That was awesome!" and got back to making yet another bigger one.