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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Eleanor and Park


It hasn't been to long, I'm trying to start writing frequently again. :)

Anyways, recently, I finished reading a book called Eleanor and Park. To be honest? It was amazing. CAPITAL AMAZING. I had a blast reading it! Usually, books are either good plot wise or language wise. But this book? Both were fantastic.

Generally, I'm the person who flies through books if they're just about the plot. If I really like the writing, I'll go through it slower. Eleanor and Park was a tug of war for me because I didn't want to read to fast, but not extremely slow either. I think the balance proved to be just right.

The book is about 2 high school kids who are the types of people you would never imagine ending up together. There's Eleanor. The girl to tries to fit in but just can't. Her life is a scribble, full of dead ends and problems. Park, on the other hand, is the half-asian, half-american kid who sits at the back of the bus, the kid that doesn't stick out but doesn't exactly fit in either.

Through the twists and turns, both of them will have extraordinary stories to tell.

I recommend this for all to-be-teenagers or teenagers because it's really about what it's like to be fitting in and what a relationship is like.

It's a little boring at first, but keep reading. I promise, it'll be great.

One more thing, I liked it better than "The Fault In Our Stars". You can be the judge now! :D

Monday, 21 April 2014

Movie Posters

Hello again,

It's been a few minutes.

I've made a few posters I would like to share:

This one is from Catching Fire, one of my favourite movies and the word I chose to describe it was hope, mainly because Katniss bring hope to the citizens of Panem!

This is from a TV Show, Revolution. In a world gone dark, power is everything. I don't think any more words are needed!

This is also from a TV Show. Once upon a time. It's great. Hard to believe but all the fairy tale characters come alive in this show. They come to Earth and it's about their life here. Fantastic! 

Themes of Media

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been writing at all for almost a month. I don't really know why. I just can't find the time and will to do so. I don't think the magazine idea is good. D:

Anyways, I do have a post for today. It's about theme. Here we go:

At times, when you’re reading, there’s a feeling that pokes you at the back of your mind. The feeling that says “I’ve read this before” or  “This incident has happened before”. You might just shrug that thought away thinking that it’s a weird case of Deja Vu. The thing is, it’s not. The themes in all media reappear. Again and again. Some of them might be: Love, Power, Hope, Fear. Why? You might ask? Well, these are things that humans are still trying to figure out as they explore the nature of themselves and the world. The themes are problems that everyone faces. They might be different types of problems that one faces but they fall under one theme. It is possible that you wonder what exactly it is about human nature that makes us think like this. Human nature is like the way the planets orbit around the sun. Every year, it’s the same cycle, repeated but there is a change. Massive changes in fact. If you put this into the context of themes of media, you realize that even though our world is progressing immensely, we face the same problems, joys, again and again. What I’m really trying to say is that as far as the tree may grow, it keeps it roots to the ground. As far as we may grow in human history, our technology, environment, people, everything, we still have roots, human nature, that hold us to the ground. They are here to stay. Some other ideas that I have are how books are all connected. The author basically takes pieces of other books that he/she has read and composes a piece of he/she’s own. In other words, the piece of writing that you read, consists of millions of other books. Parts of course, but their essence is there. This is true for all media. A few questions: Is it possible to get rid of any of these themes? Are there roots that can be plucked? Is there a cure to our dilemma's?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Meher's Magazine: The world is confusing

Here we are, on the very first post of my magazine. May I say, it's a small world and these posts, some, not all, might be a little hard to understand for people who are not going to school with me. After all, I do think they are my only audience.

Maths is facts. That's why people can grasp it with enough practice. Humanities is facts. Sounds familiar? Events in history, important figureheads etc etc. But no. It's not. It's more than that.

I have a little article that I have written about the Trung Sisters and how there are different perspectives to what happened to them. (When I say example, I mean the Trung Sisters story.)

This example helps me to understand that all the facts of history that we know, is from one perspective. It is possible that the perspective is telling the truth but it’s almost impossible to know. Therefore, we have to learn about the different sides. Learn about both the approaches. Then only, we will be able to understand what is true. If both sides say the same thing, then there is a clear consensus. The problem is when the different sides have different opinions. For example, Vietnam claims that the Trung Sisters committed suicide and died a noble, hero’s death. On the other hand, China says that the Sisters were captured by them and executed. Both countries say things that makes them feel superior, though they might not necessarily be true. This is the part where “you” have to make the decision by having a look at different sources and examining them to come to a conclusion. History is not just a plain fact, it’s much more. 

This makes me wonder, what exactly are the facts we know? Is it possible that there is a whole new side of information that we have not seen? Forget what I said about the small world thing. Let me tell you. It's a big, big world. There are so many things to learn, experience, enjoy that we can't do it all. We have to have priorities. 

I guess that we should never be biased though. Learn that there are other perspectives

But that means a whole lot more work. That means that I don't know a lot of things. That just makes me very confused, angry and sad.   

I think I'll go now. Wait, that can't be in a magazine. Cut it out. Anyways, Bye!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Hey guys,

Before I say anything, let me apologize for not writing in my blog for 3 whole weeks. I don't know what is happening. I was off on full speed, soaring through the air writing these "articles" and then suddenly, I disappear of the face of the Earth. I'm still here, don't worry, more posts will be coming up since my projects and tests happened last week.

Yep. That's right. Homework caught up to me. Usually, I'm able to finish my homework easily, within 2-3 hours, maybe a little here and there, but there are always a few projects and tests happening. But. But it's close to the end of term and guess what? That means assessments, projects and end of units.

Ok. I doubt you want to hear my whining and moaning about the work I had all of a sudden. I just like to justify my point.

You know, I was thinking how I had all these great ideas but now, they've died down. I've settled into the pace and I need a sustainable way to write. I don't exactly want to do a blogging challenge or diary because personally, they get a bit boring. So, I thought. And this just happened right now, seriously, how about I have my own little magazine-newspaper on this blog that I write. I could write about events, movies, books, songs, other articles, anything! This sounds a bit like what I'm already doing right? But it's not. This magazine is more about things that are taking place in the world. Don't worry, it's not going to be like a news report but more like opinions about things. Of course, I will still continue to write about things in general but this is just an interesting approach.

The best part is, if it doesn't work, I can always try out a new way. Lets experiment!

Wait wait, before you go, at the end of every post, including this one, please give me your ideas about what you want an article about. It can be anything.

Hope this works! :)

PS. From next time these posts will start. Please give me ideas so that I can get started right away! 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Plot vs. Writing

We've all read those really good books that we seem to love with all our hearts. Some of the popular ones that I love too are: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Divergent & Pretty Little Liars.
A little thing on each of them:

Harry Potter.
A classic, probably the one of the oldest series that kids our age still seem to like. J.K. Rowling has beautifully written it, taking time with each scene, each word to it's perfection. It's plot? Is pretty good but the style of the author makes it outstanding. I admit, the movies are just as good as the book unlike a lot of the other series.

Hunger Games.
Ah, wonderful. The plot is so strong that the written slides in just right. In other words, the plot is excellent while the writing is pretty good. The movies? Ok. I guess being a fan kind of makes me just love the movies.

Percy Jackson.
I love this one. Everything is fantastic except the movie. The plot connects too worlds, fake yet real and the writing is in through detail. The movies are terrible. Yes. There was the petition that you could sign so that they could be made again but I didn't because it would be better if they were made even better in the upcoming movies. After all, my favourite character Nico appears. :)

One of my latest reads. Amazing plot, so strong that it compensates for the poor writing. Ok fine. It's not that bad, it's actually pretty good but I'm trying to make a point here. The movie comes out in 14 days! :D

Pretty Little Liars.
I'm currently reading this one. It's got a very nice mysterious plot but the details are not always very clear. My friends always fill me in though. I don't watch the TV series for this.

Let my know what you think about any of these! :)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dream Cream

Hahaha, this is gonna be a short post. :)

So..ice cream...dream ice cream. Ok, truthfully? I would just take the half baked ben and jerry's ice cream and mix it together with bite size brownies but lets be a little more creative. Yes I would like that but with a topping of marshmallows, choco chips and bits of ice cream cones because I find them tasty. There would also be a zest of mint to it with baby popsicles inside too. Hahaha, I'm such a dreamer. Trust me, if this ice cream was made? I would que up for it, be the first one! :D Oh and did I forget to mention? There would be sundae's mixed plus a free top up as many times as you like!

Credits to Manini for this one! :) Thanks!